Court Booking Rules

  • Booking Courts
    • Court booking times are divided into sessions of 30 minutes and bookings may be made for a maximum of 3 consecutive sessions.
    • The booking system is available 24/7. Bookings may be made up to 7 days in advance. New booking sheets are added daily at 7 a.m.
    • All players receive an automated reminder email on the morning of the booking and the person booking the court receives notification of cancellations.
    • If players are not on court within 5 minutes of each half hour slot then that half hour is lost.
    • Matches with other clubs may be completed even if the match over-runs into another booking.
    • Bookings should not be made to expand rota sessions.
    • Practice sessions involving one player only are limited to half an hour on clay courts and one hour on hard and mini courts.
    • Only coaches are allowed to book coaching sessions.
    • Members must not book a court in their own name which is intended for coaching.
    • Clay courts must be swept at the end of each session within your allocated court time.
  • Names of players
    • Bookings should show the names of ALL opponents at the earliest opportunity but no later than 48 hours before you are due to play.
    • When booking courts within 48 hours of when the match is due to be played all opponents should be named immediately.
    • Bookings that do not show the names of opponents within this timeframe will be cancelled.
    • The membership list includes names for "Guest" and "Practice".
    • The names of the persons shown on bookings, including opponents, must be the persons who are intended to use the court. Changes to names should be input at the earliest opportunity.
  • Cancelling Courts
    • Bookings no longer needed should be cancelled at the earliest opportunity.
    • A list is kept of both "no shows" and late cancellations. Repeat offenders may have their access to court bookings temporarily suspended.
      • Late cancellations are when courts are cancelled within 24 hours of when the match is due to be played. It is accepted that there will always be late cancellations but it should not be a regular occurrence for individual members.
      • "No shows" include situations where the court is booked in your name but you do not use the court.
    • Bookings should not be transferred to others since they are then unable to cancel if they need to.
  • Guests
    • Members may book to play one or more guests for up to 1.5 hours per booking on a maximum of 12 occassions per membership year (1st April to 31st March).
    • When playing a guest, you MUST:
      • Select "Guest Adult £2.50 per 30 mins" or " Guest Junior £1.50 per 30 mins" as the playing partner/opponent to show on the booking sheets.
      • The system will automatically charge the guest fee to your booking system account.
      • If you're no longer playing a guest, you can change your playing partner/opponent to a member, and the guest fee will be removed.
      • This can be done when you book the court or any time before playing.
      • If you forget to select a guest fee option as the playing partner/opponent before playing, then please be sure to use the facility to Transfer Credit to the appropriate guest fee account on this system.
      • Members with outstanding guest fees will need to Buy Credit in order to cover the charge in order to continue booking courts.


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